A Romantic Luxury Inn for Couples in Stowe Vermont


Stowe VT Accommodations

Being surrounded by trees, provides quiet and creates a sense of privacy – one of the unique strengths of our luxury Stowe, VT accommodations. However, the original designers of Stone Hill Inn wanted to enhance the view and give it dimension. They added wonderful gardens.

Each room has an outside door that leads directly into the gardens, which are, of course, a reflection on art, culture and nature. They are places for us to relax and remind us of the importance of unscheduled time.

Enjoy the constant flow of water during its 80 foot journey until if falls two feet into the stonewalled pond. Surrounded by courses of colorful perennials that nature serves one after the other. In the northern garden climb the stone-carved, winding staircase amidst crab, juniper, and constantly blooming perennials. At Stone Hill, color begins softly in early May and continues all summer until its Maple-driven fall crescendo. Lovely.

Unexpected opportunities to celebrate life together in our Stowe bed and breakfast for the getaway of a lifetime.