A Romantic Luxury Inn for Couples in Stowe Vermont

The New Mansfield Suite is available July 1st , 2016

A new dimension of lodging at the Stone Hill Inn

Our first suite. (What took you so long?) Effective July 1, the Mansfield Suite is in business. The suite is about 66% larger than our existing guest accommodations – around 700 square feet. It is located in a separate and private portion of the Stone Hill Inn complex, on the second floor above the inn’s four garage spaces. It has been completely redone.

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The Mansfield Suite has always been here, but only as space that we used ourselves along with the other rooms in what the industry calls “the owner’s quarters.” But as the recession recovery has gradually taken place, and as Stowe continues to expand both its outdoor activities and weekend event activities (especially those involved with food and beverages), we could see this space working for our guests for three reasons:

  1. Given the growing interest in using Stone Hill Inn’s lovely grounds and/or interiors for elopements and small weddings many could benefit from having a larger space for ceremony preparations, especially by the bride.
  2. We have several guests who look at Stowe as a possible next home from where they are now living and would like to get to know Stowe on a more personal basis – a week or so of living here, buying some groceries, talking with shop owners, and exploring all that Stowe has to offer.
  3. Privacy has always been a strength of the Stone Hill Inn. Guests arrive by a private road, are somewhat secluded by being surrounded by trees, guest rooms are constructed to make them nearly sound proof, and they have all the amenities needed to allow guests to remain comfortable over extended periods of time. The Mansfield Suite enhances this level of privacy since it is in a different part of the Stone Hill Inn complex. Ahhhh, relax, make your own grubb (or Piecasso delivers), and stay completely content and sequestered.


Mansfield Suite Details

Thus, we made some changes, gave this space a name and launched it for our guests. Some of the highlights of the three rooms of the new Mansfield Suite:
Mansfield Lodging - apartment for vacation rentals, stowe vermont

  • You are greeted by a large, open floor plan that includes a complete kitchen, a window dining table, and the living room area with fireplace and cable TV with a Smart DVD player that all blend together.
    • Adjacent to the living room area is an outdoor porch which looks over the grounds on the right and, because the suite is located above the garage, you have a perfect view of our beautiful, er, ah, parking lot.
    • Widows (with drapes) are on all three sides of the open floor plan. It is a perfect place to sit, watch it snow and enjoy the fireplace with early morning coffee, make sandwiches for lunch while you’re watching the leaves turn, reheat pizza, cook your own dinner or watch the Masters while your beloved partner is enjoying An Affair to Remember, for the second (??) time on the bedroom TV.
    • The kitchen is complete. Stove with oven and four burners; dish washer; refrigerator with ice maker; coffee maker; required kitchen tools and a good selection of condiments round out the lineup.
  • The bedroom is spacious with a king bed, matching end tables and lamps, chest of drawers, chairs and a comfortable, spring yellow couch. It also has cable TV with a Smart DVD player. It has windows on two sides of the room.
  • The bath is colorful and welcoming. It is a bit smaller than those in the inn, but has two sinks, a shower, and all the towels and soaps you’ve come to expect at Stone Hill.
  • Within the suite you also have a washer and dryer and closet for storage.
  • Like all of our Stone Hill Inn guest rooms, Mansfield Suite sleeps only two; designed for couples, but not for pets.
  • Minimum two-night stay always required. Maximum stay 14 days.
  • Complimentary parking, WiFi, popcorn, bottled water, soft drinks, and breakfast.

Upon registering via the main entrance, guests head back outside and use the path in front of the ski lockers to enter the Mansfield Suite. This entrance is about 25 steps from the main entrance. Guests will have complete access to all of the public areas within the Stone Hill Inn including daily gourmet breakfast, the pantry, and scheduled social hours as noted on the blackboard in the pantry.

Continuous Growth of Stowe

One of the essential ingredients for the Mansfield Suite is the continuous growth of Stowe. As you know, Stowe was developed in the early 1930’s and became famous for its Alpine skiing excellence, boasting the best skiing in the east. Yet today Stowe has more visitors during the summer than it does in the winter.

Things to do in Stowe Vermont

Summer now boasts a menu of activities that increases each year and dwarfs what Stowe was five to ten years ago:

  • Water sports: canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding and the new Swimming Hole (indoor pool and exercise) which is beautiful and very reasonably priced.
  • Ground based activities have always been the most popular in Stowe primarily because of its mountain geography and the 53,000 acres of virgin forests within Stowe.
    • Stowe has created more than 50 miles of single-track mountain biking trails and an Alpine slide adorns the new resort at the base of mount Mansfield.
    • A new golf course was added to the Stowe Mountain Lodge while the local Stowe Country Club course (public within a mile of the inn) has been significantly improved.
    • The addition of the Stowe Mountain Lodge with its 300+ rooms at the base of mountains Mansfield and Spruce Peak, (opened in 2007) has put Stowe in the top five skiing resorts in the U.S.
    • Yankee magazine ranked Stowe as the best winter town in New England (January 2015). Others rate Stowe among the top golf and tennis resorts in the U.S.
  • Air enhanced activities include:
    • Two zipline courses; one of which is rated among the top ten courses in the U.S.
    • Ballooning has become more popular, aided by the annual, July Hot Air Balloon festival each year.
    • Perhaps the most significant of all the Stowe additions and improvements is the effort taking place to significantly overhaul the Stowe airport in order to substantially increase traffic from the major cities in the east.
      • Already the first stage of runway, flight equipment, and reception facilities has been completed.
      • Tradewind Aviation began flights from its Westchester County Airport to Stowe on a daily basis last November.
      • The goal is to continue to expand and upgrade the existing airport so that the number of flights and feeder airports can continue to expand. Nearly every major ski resort in the U.S. benefits from a successful local airport except for Stowe.
      • Much of the funding for the next stages of development has been secured.
    • From a cultural standpoint the number and quality of the performing arts events that take place each season at the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center has consistently increased each year. Stowe has also become a leader among farm-to-table restaurants in New England.

Summer getaway in VT
Thus, with Stowe’s reputation for year-round relaxation and fun continuing to grow while new weekend events are attracting more customers, we thought that the time had come for a lodging enhancement for the Stone Hill Inn. Thus, the Mansfield Suite has been born! July 1, 2016. Come. Experience unexpected opportunities to celebrate life…together.

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This is a new venture for us. So, we would like to get your reaction once you have stayed in the Mansfield Suite. As a result we would like to offer a 5% discount to the first five couples who stay at the suite, if they would agree to spend a few minutes discussing their reactions to their stay before they leave. We will adjust your pricing once we discuss with you upon your arrive at the Inn.

Time for change?

The Stone Hill Inn – soft, quite, undisturbed – has become a national leader among bed and breakfasts that specialize in serving the romantic and relaxing requirements of its guests. Stone Hill is one of a small number of bed and breakfasts in the U.S. that were built as a B&B from the beginning.  When starting from a plain piece of paper, you naturally have more opportunities to create an experience built around comfort, intimacy, and luxury. It’s oversized baths with double Jacuzzis and fireplaces, for example, are evidence of its thoughtful planning.

As you might expect, this start-from-scratch formula has been reasonably successful. We’ve been blessed with wonderful guests who have helped us twice in the last four years to be recognized among the top 25 inns and bed and breakfasts in the United States by Trip Advisor, and last year we were among the first ever be inaugurated into Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame.

Given this record, don’t you think it’s time for a change?

What? Why mess with a good thing?  What’s wrong with being known as one of the best romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfasts? Hey, George and Linda, this isn’t like technology — an industry that revels in change.  What are you thinking!

Like our lodging brothers, we continually look for new ways to distinguish ourselves within the competitive environment of Stowe, Vermont. We must and do each year add new furniture, new rugs, new offerings at breakfast, fresh packages that enhance the overall guest experience.  It’s continuous.

But that’s not the kind of change we’re talking about. The search for a change that will really make a significant difference; a difference that could attract a new group of customers – continues to haunt us.  Of course, we think that both the Stone Hill Inn and Stowe, Vermont are exceptional, so all we need to do is be just a little creative and we shall find the next big idea.  We think…has to be!…just around the corner!

You know what? It is!
Literally! We’ve got an Apartment!

You’ve been here before, yet you didn’t know about the Apartment? Your not alone.  It’s true. It’s a one-bedroom apartment that sits above the garages – just around the corner from our 40-window dining room.

We’ll tell you about its history some other time. The important message is that very soon we are going to make it available to everyone! It’s over 700 square feet – about two-thirds larger than our luxury guest rooms. It has three separate rooms: Living/dining/kitchen; a bath; and a bedroom. It also has a washer and dryer and it has a small porch just off the living room.

How do you like the kitchen?

kitchen one bedroom apartment stoweYes it’s under construction. We are in process of completely updating the Apartment. What you see is both what it was and some of what it will become. It’s compact but fully functional – or it will be! It is a fully operational kitchen with Fridge, Stove with cook top, Dish Washer, Sink, and the island you see with things leaning against is horizontal space for food preparation and serving. In the window we’ve ordered table and chairs so you can enjoy the fruits of the kitchen while relaxing at the window. (The view is our field of wildflowers along with our road to the parking lot — so enjoy the wildflowers!!)

This is a new venture for us, so we’re still thinking about the best way to make it available to you – our guests. Right now we have it priced a bit higher than the Corner rooms (West Branch and Fiddlehead), with a minimum two-night stay. We may go to a three-night minimum. We are also thinking that we will offer a 10% discount for stays of five days or longer. We’re also considering including breakfast in the offering.

The Apartment will have its own separate entrance and it does not connect directly to the rest of the inn, so it will require a short walk (35 feet) to the front entrance of Stone Hill.  Apartment guests, we’re thinking, will have complete access to the public areas of the inn and to all concierge services that we provide – dining, ticketed events, and help in planning your day!

vermont stowe lodging washer dryer apartmentThe Apartment has its own washer and dryer. This is the same type of washer/dryer that inn guests have access to in the “pillow library” closet within the Stone Hill Inn. We thought this would especially benefit international travelers and those who are on an extended journey throughout all of New England. When not in use, these hide behind the folded doors.
romantic stowe vermont inn apartmentThe Apartment is up and away from everyone else. It is its own kind of refuge.  Comfortable, quiet, and thanks to Linda, lovely. (We’re still working on this – but I’ve seen some early touches – you won’t be disappointed!)

We’re thinking that it will be available for occupancy by early July.  Thus we shall become both B&B and Inn — a romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast Inn!

The kitchen, of course, comes with all the necessary tools including basic condiments, coffee, dish washing soap, etc. Just next to the kitchen there will be a table and two chairs set in this window (above) for casual dining. The Apartment, like the rest of Stone Hill, will remain a secluded getaway designed for couples! Just to the right of the window and the dining table is the fireplace!

apartment-for-multiple-day-rental-stowe-vermontHey, you know how to use one of these table saws, don’t you? By now you realize that nothing has been completed as far as the overall renovation is concerned. All the walls have been primered but not painted. The floors are relatively new – we put those in about four years ago.

The fireplace has a timer (dangling in the picture) and like all other guest rooms at Stone Hill, it is a gas fireplace. The fireplace anchors the living room. So, the kitchen, dining area, fireplace and living room all flow together and a TV is visible from everywhere. The porch below is about seven feet to the right of the fireplace (furniture to arrive).


The bedroom is about the size of the living room and has three windows – beautiful morning light. All the furniture is new — a king bed, tables/lamps on both sides of the bed, and two separate pieces that contain drawers for your clothes. It also has a TV and a separate couch. It looks out upon the front of the inn.

The bath is a bit smaller than those in our guest rooms, but it has two sinks and a shower.

Aye. Whadaya think? Change is good???

For those that really need more than just a couple of days to reclaim who they are together and individually, but still want a charming, comfortable, private, romantic getaway in a secluded but convenient setting…the Apartment will soon be here!

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Romantic Spring Get Away

A weekend where you can sleep for eight hours, breathe in fresh mountain air, soak up the unspoiled beauty of Vermont, and, if you’re lucky, have Linda’s Crème Brulee French Toast for breakfast!

Don’t you need this kind of romantic get away??? Of course you do. Come! We’ll take care of you.

Romantic Spring Get Away Details:

Our Romantic Spring Get Away requires a two night minimum stay at Stone Hill Inn in addition to the purchase of our Romance Package at a very special price of $230 – a $25 savings. Available from April 19 Through June 16, but not available Memorial Day Weekend (5/27-5/29).

The Romance Package includes:

• $120 certificate for dinner at Michael’s on the Hill (gratuities not included).
• Roses and chocolates available in your room when you arrive
• Signature candle-lit, rose petal (silk), bed turn-down the night of your dinner at Michaels
• A 90 minute late check-out

Our ‘Romantic Get Away’ offer cannot be combined with other offers or with third party gift certificates.

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It’s time for Stone Hill Inn’s 24 HOUR Sale

Stone Hill Inn 24 Hour Sale - Vermont B&B

Save the date: March 31st
Because for the SECOND time ever, we’re running a 24 HOUR Sale.

We’ve chosen late April, May (except the Memorial Day weekend) and part of June since there are so many signs that Stowe is experiencing an EARLY Spring!

We’ll announce the pricing for the 24 HOUR Sale on March 31 – very early in the morning, so you will have 24 hours to respond. These are likely to be the lowest prices on Stone Hill lodging that you will see all year – certainly lower than we can remember within the last 12 months! The sale only applies to those that make their reservation on March 31. So, unfortunately, nobody else is eligible whether their reservation is made either before or after March 31.

Details for the 24 HOUR sale:

  • Must book at least two nights.
  • Available dates for the 24 Hour Sale, unless our website shows that they are already taken:
    • April 19 – April 30
    • May 1 – May 31 EXCEPT for May 27-29 (Memorial Day weekend)
    • June 1 – June 16
  • Book online using the promocode TWENTYFOUR. On the final page of your online reservation there will be a box on the left side of the page that asks you if you have a code. Enter TWENTYFOUR and press apply.
  • No other offers/promotions or third-party gift certificates may be used.

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Here’s another great savings:

  • During check out, include Stone Hill Inn’s Signature Romance Package to your stay for a reduced price of $230 (normally $255). This package includes:
    • Dinner at the award-winning Michael’s on the Hill ($120 certificate; gratuities not included)
    • Dozen long stem roses and a package of four chocolate truffles upon arrival
    • Our Signature candle-lit, rose petal (silk) king bed turn-down on the night you dine at Michaels
    • Enjoy a late check out your last morning (additional 90 minutes)

Spring is coming! Already we have had guests who are taking on some of the easier hikes and even one that completed the Stowe Pinnacle climb (three hours to complete up and back). Even in the woods that surround Stone Hill the only traces of snow anywhere are the plowed diminishing piles at the end of driveway. Already, we’ve pruned a dozen bushes and begun cleaning beds.   Some of the daylillys have just broken ground. We’ve almost finished cleaning the sand from the parking lot! IT MUST BE SPRING!


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Top 5 Winter Activities in Stowe

winter activities in Stowe

Activity #1: Skiing.  Of course.  Everyone knows skiing is king of winter activities in Stowe with its famous front-four runs, the addition of the Spruce mountain, the complete renovation of its gondola ride, and nearly $10M investment in new ski making equipment.  Stowe continues to claim the title of the Ski Capital of the East.  Did you also know….

  • Stowe is blessed by superior natural terrain; Mt. Mansfield is the tallest mountain in Vermont.
  • Skiing was first introduced to Stowe by Swedish families in 1913 that used barrel staves strapped to their boots.
  • Stowe’s first designated ski trail was cut by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1933.
  • In 1935 Stowe formed the first ski patrol in the US.
  • The Captain and Baroness Von Trapp opened the first Nordic ski center in the US in 1968.

restaurants in Stowe

Activity #2: Dining.   In addition to Linda’s acclaimed breakfasts and her famous Crème Brulee French Toast, we are blessed with nearly 50 restaurants in Stowe.  Three new restaurants emerged this year – all casual dining:  Idletyme Brewing Company (with ownership by Laura and Michael of Michael’s on the Hill), Doc Ponds (with ownership from the folks at the Hen of the Wood), and The Bench.  We’ve had excellent meals at all three, but gravitate towards Idletyme.  These add to the three other restaurants, besides Michael’s and Hen of the Wood, that Stone Hill Inn guests most often frequent:  Harrisons, Bistro at Ten Acres, and Gracies.

Vermont sled dog tours

Activity #3: Dog Sledding. There aren’t too many places in the U.S. where you can still go dog sledding for fun.  Jim Blair at Eden Mills, VT arguably offer the best sled dog tours in the country.  His concern for his Alaskan Huskies sets the standard for the care and health of sled dogs.  He owns over a 140 acres and has ten miles of trails which he grooms each day. Jim has been working with six different generations of dogs at his Eden Mills headquarters.  His treatment of his and the overall experience at Eden Dogsledding is why we like working with Jim and his Unchained Gang.

stowe winter activities

Activity #4: Tobogganing. Yes, and it’s right here at our Stowe bed and breakfast.  And it’s free!  You just have to walk back up the hill and pull the toboggan.  But what a rush as you sail down the hill carefully avoiding the bushes and trees, gliding onto the meadow towards the Stone Hill Inn sign and the Mountain Road.  Nobody ever gets close to hitting the Mountain Road (Rt. 108) – only George and his niece, Greta, have been able to come close to the Stone Hill Inn sign.

Vermont snowshoeing

Activity #5: Backcountry Exploring.  What kind of activity is that?  Ahhhh, you’ll love it!  Increasingly we find that our guests are looking for more than just exercise, they’re want a new experience.  Sure, you’ve done some Nordic skiing or snowshoeing a few times, but what if you could find quiet trails that few Stowe visitors know exist, where you and your guide are likely to be the only ones around?  See gorgeous landscapes, learn about the history of Stowe, and enjoy a much better chance to see local wildlife in these remote locations. Welcome to Stowe’s backcountry.  Our expert guide will take you there, tell and show you the history, and customize your tour to your comfort – difficulty, pace, and length of time.  Consider:

  1. Backcountry Snowshoeing for Everyone This guided, one to two hour tour, set to your own pace, visits historic sites of when Stowe first got started – the Mill Trail, the Turner Mill blacksmith shop, Dr. Margueite Lichtenthaeler’s historic cabin and if your game, explore the majestic Bingham Falls gorge or explore the birthplace of skiing in Stowe. No experience is necessary. Of course, equipment is provided.
  2. Backcountry Snowshoe Adventure This guided tour can consume up to three hours in the morning or afternoon — you determine how much challenge you want. You don’t need a lot of snowshoe experience, just a desire to see the parts of Stowe that few people ever see and learn about its history. Equipment is provided, so if you’re only in reasonable shape this will be a healthy and rewarding experience.
  3. Beginning Backcountry Skiing Beginner? Not used to backcountry, cross country skiing? Not sure what kind of wax to use or whether skinning is appropriate? Don’t know what skinning is? This two hour clinic/tour will quickly make you an expert. Spend a few minutes up front to learn the latest Nordic ski technologies, how to plan a backcountry ski adventure, and get tips on skiing techniques. Then off to the backcountry where you the pace; your guide will do the rest. Some skiing experience (Alpine or Nordic) would be helpful. (Equipment not provided, however AJ’s Sports provides a 20% discount for guests at Stone Hill.)
  4. Backcountry Nordic Skiing Encounter For those that have done an ample amount of skiing (either Nordic or Alpine) get ready for a spectacular day of vistas – Sky top Ridge, Steeple, Tear Drop and the Underhill Trail. Set your own pace and decide if you want high country, low elevation or both! This cross country skiing adventure that can be as challenging as you want – choose between half day (2-3 hours) and full day (4-6 hours). (Equipment and trail fee not provided, however AJ’s Sports provides a 20% discount for guests at Stone Hill.)

Winter Stowe Getaways: Snow, Food & Romance

Stowe winter specials

Snow is here (finally!); time to enjoy Stowe’s winter playground!  Have fun at what Stowe does best — snowshoeing, great food, sleigh riding and a luxury room to which you can retreat and get warm in a double Jacuzzi tub next to a fireplace at the Stone Hill Inn! Stowe at Its Best—A Getaway includes:

Vermont snowshoeing packages


Snowshoe.  Perhaps for the first time?  A bit rusty?  No matter – this is a snowshoeing adventure for everyone!  Your expert backcountry guide – a native of this area who knows the most scenic trails – lets you decide where you want to go, how much ground you want to cover, and whether you want 1 or up to 2 hours of snowshoeing. Tours are scheduled during the late morning and early afternoon so that you can soak up the beauty and smell the fresh pine of unspoiled Vermont.

romantic getaways in Vermont

Sleigh ride. Just the two of you wrapped in several blankets while the up-front driver takes you into the Vermont woods along the west branch of the Little River in a horse-drawn sleigh for a beautiful 30 minute ride. Perfect for romantic Stowe getaways!

Idletyme Brewing

Dining. What is rapidly becoming Stowe’s best casual restaurant – Ideltyme Brewing Company – will welcome you with a menu and staff selected by their new owner Michael Kloeti – the owner and chef of the celebrated, fine dining restaurant, Michael’s on the Hill.  Your Stowe at Its Best Getaway includes a certificate for a $100 dinner, gratuities not included.

Stowe Getaway Specials

Relax. On your last day enjoy an extra 90 minutes (12:30pm) late checkout.  Take a couple of trips on the Stone Hill toboggan, a short trip on our snow shoes, a walk in Weissner Woods, or maybe one last plunge in your fireside Jacuzzi.

This special Stowe getaway package is only $299 (including taxes), but may not be combined with other offers or with third party, lodging gift certificates.  Valid for minimum two-night stays between January 1 and Februray 14, 2016 at our Stowe bed and breakfast.

British Invasion – September 18-20 – Stowe. Vermont

car show stowe vermont

September 18-20

A celebration of all things British

british car show vermontYes, Linda can still be seen around Stowe and the neighboring communities in this lovely 2000 Jaguar S-Type (This is the car but not the license plate. )

And like last year, we are not going to challenge the other Jags for the Concours d’Elegance prize – highest degree of authenticity when compared to the original vehicle when it was new, just off the assembly line. (Turns out, we’re one year short of meeting the requirement of being older than 15 years. Maybe next year?)

The Concours d’Elegance system will be based on a 100-point system, similar to the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) judging rules. Criteria for judging includes mechanical operation, paint, interior, woodworking, undercarriage, chrome, engine compartment, and authenticity. A minimum of 90 points is required for 1st place, 85 for 2nd place and 75 for 3rd place. In case of a tie score, multiple awards will be presented. All entrants will receive participation ribbons. So, we’ll keep the Jag safe and warm in our Stone Hill Inn garage this winter so it might have a chance to compete with the coming of next year’s fall season.

NEW LOCATION for 2014 The British Invasion will take place on the Stowe Events Field 1/4 mile north of Stowe village just off Route 108 on Weeks Hill Road.

In addition to the Concours d’Elegance there is another car show at the British Invasion: People’s Choice . Over sixty classes of motorcars compete, everything from humble Mini Coopers to stately Rolls Royces. Enjoy British food, shops, and unique British gifts commemorating this highly anticipated event!


british invasion car show vermontEvents include a Notch Run Driving Tour, Tailgate Picnic Competition, British Pub, British Car Corral and much more.

British Invasion Block Party! Friday, September 19, 2014 | 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. This kick-off event for the British Invasion is a don’t miss event for visitors and locals. Dance to the music of Joey Leone’s Chop Shop and enjoy classic British motorcars all along Main Street, (which will be closed off) while enjoying local food and brews.


British Market Place & Auto Jumble– Friday noon to Sunday A collection of British Companies and vendors selling British, and British like products and services. Hard to find car spares, motoring accessories, motoring teddy bears, British candy, Regalia, Barbour jackets, and more.


British Car Corral – Friday noon to Sunday An opportunity to buy or sell a British Motor Car or Motorcycle. “For Sale” signs are NOT allowed on the show field. You may place a car for sale in the Car Corral. but in so doing, it cannot compete for honors on the show field.


Tailgate Picnic Competition– Sunday A display of creativity, good food, and things British. This event has become a “Classic” and perhaps one of the best Tailgate Competitions on the East Coast! Awards will be given for “Most Elegant“, “Most Creative“, “Most British“, “Best Costume“, “Best Tasting“, and “Most Humorous“.

British Invasion Car Show

Yes, it will be a wonderful weekend at this year’s British Invasion – apparently the 25th year for this event which is rumored to have begun in 1990. Once again we shall host at least one of the Concours d’Elegance judges and we shall, of course, have lots of Iced Tea each day for guests of our Stowe bed and breakfast!

Comedian Paul Reiser Takes The Stage Oct 16th — Our Next EVENINGS! Package

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to past guests of the Stone Hill Inn in Stowe, Vermont that the two cities that provide the greatest number of our guests are Boston and New York City. And, again, no surprise that both are lauded for their support of and the quality of the performing arts that they provide.   In our next production we have a very special talent that was born in New York, has performed many times in both Boston, New York, and has built an excellent reputation as a seriously entertaining, multi-dimensional performer.

We welcome comedian Paul Reiser at the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center in Stowe, VT on October 16!

PaulReiser-High-Res-200x300The Paul Reiser EVENINGS! package includes:

  • Three nights in a Deluxe room with king bed next to a fireplace, a bath with a double Jacuzzi for two next to a fireplace, a shower, six towels and a sink for each of you.
  • Gourmet three-course breakfast each morning.
  • Two, side-by-side first row box seats at the Spruce Peak Performing Arts center.
  • A $50 credit towards dinner either before or after the performance.

Total cost including all taxes is $1,380.00. (Seems like a lot for three nights, but it’s October 16 – peak season. The dinner and tickets are a pass-through cost from us.) Tickets are limited. Haste, please.

In addition to being a nationally known comedian, Paul Reiser is also an actor, television personality, writer, author and musician. His October 16th performance at the beautiful Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center will highlight the funny things about life, love, and relationships. Paul’s Spruce Peak show is part of his nationwide, national tour.

Paul is one of those folks that is blessed with a basket of gifts, and he continues to add to his list of accomplishments. In addition to co-creating and starring in the critically-acclaimed NBC series, Mad About You (1992), which garnered him Emmy, Golden Globe, American Comedy Award and Screen Actors Guild nominations for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, his successes also include his book, “Couplehood”, which sold over two million copies and reached the number one spot on “The New York Times” best-seller list, and “Babyhood”, his follow-up book about the adventures of being a first-time father also made “The New York Times” best-seller list. (IMBd).

Born and raised in New York City, Reiser went to college at the State University of New York at Binghamton, where he majored in Music – pAULREISERIMBDPiano and Composition.  After developing his stand-up comic skills in the New York clubs, Reiser had a breakout film role in 1982 when he appeared in Diner, a coming-of-age film directed by Barry Levinson. Reiser’s character, Modell, a closet stand-up comedian, effectively brought Reiser’s abilities to the attention of Hollywood.

He followed this success by playing a detective in Beverly Hills Cop (1984), a role he reprised in its sequel, Beverly Hills Cop II (1987). Reiser also had roles in James Cameron’s Aliens (the corrupt Carter Burke); The Marrying Man (1991) and Aliens (1986). (Wikipedia)

Reiser’s TV fame began when he starred as one of two possible fathers of a teenage girl in the TV sitcom My Two Dads (1987–90), and later came to prominence in North America as Paul Buchman in Mad About You (1992–99) in which Helen Hunt co-starred as his on-screen wife. He was also the co-composer of the show’s theme song, “The Final Frontier” (with Don Was), and performed the piano for the theme’s recording.[6] For the show’s final season, Reiser and Hunt received $1 million ($1.4 million today) per episode.

More recently, he starred in two original movies for Showtime – Strange Relations (2001) (aka “Strange Relations”), opposite Julie Walters, and Chazz Palminteri’s Women vs. Men (2002), opposite Joe Mantegna and Christine Lahti. He is ranked 77th on Comedy Central’s 2004 list of the “100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time”.

This EVENINGS! program with Paul Reiser and wonderful box seats looks to be a delightful evening. Paul, clearly, is a man comfortable being on stage and is blessed with insightful comedic talent wherein he will likely poke at us, give us reason to laugh at ourselves, and persuade us to simply relax and enjoy.


Past EVENINGS! Productions:

November 8, 2014: Itzhak Perlman (sold out)

January 31, 2015: State Ballet Theatre of Russia performs Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake (sold out)

July 2, 2015: Mary Chapin Carpenter (sold out)

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Scrumptious Parfait :: Easy Breakfast Recipe

Parfaits for breakfast? It sounds like it must be sweet. It is, but it’s full of fruit, tastes wonderfully, and it’s a fun, fresh beginning to breakfast.

This recipe combines two different recipes: one for a Zabaglione (from the Bauli Recipe Book); another for curried fruit (from the Much Ado About Food – A Guthrie Theater Cookbook).

First, you must make the curried fruit.
• 2 ¼ cups peach halves, drained
• 2 ¼ cups pear halves, drained
• 2 ¼ cups apricot halves, drained
• 1 ½ cups pineapple chunks
• 1 fresh orange peeled and sectioned
• ¾ cup toasted slivered almonds
• ¼ cup sugar
• ¾ cup brown sugar
• T tsp. curry powder
• Drain fruit and pat dry between paper towels.
• Arrange fruits and nuts in 1 ½ to 2 qt. baking dish.
• Melt butter, brown sugar and curry.
• Mix well and pour over fruit and nuts.
• Bake at 325 degrees for 1 hour.

While the fruit is cooking, make the Zabaglione. (Note the completed Curried Fruit in the background)


• 6 large egg yolks
• 2/3 cup granulated sugar
• 1 cup Prosecco (can be omitted)
• 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
• ¾ cup heavy cream whipped
• 3-4 cups of Panettone (we’ve used extra muffins that are cubed – ½ half inch)

• In a large mixing bowl whisk the egg yolks and sugar until fluffy and pale yellow in color.
• Add the Prosecco and whisk until well blended.
• Transfer the mixture to the top of a double boiler, place over simmering warer and whisk constantly until the mixture is quite thick and heavily coats a spoon.
• Don’t let the mixture come to a boil or the eggs will curdle.
• Immediately transfer to a large mixing bowl and whisk in the vanilla.
• Refrigerate the zabaglione until completely cool.
• Fold in the whipped cream and chill until serving.



• To assemble the parfaits, you will need 6 tall glasses. (We prefer the ones you see above)
• Spoon about 2 heaping tablespoons of the zabaglione into the bottom of each glass.
• Top with a thick layer of the Panettone cubes, using about ¼ to 1/3 cup
• Add two heaping tablespoons of the curried fruit
• Layer more zabaglione, Pannettone and fruit.


• Finish with one last pour of the zabaglione.
• If you have time (we didn’t) cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for a couple of hour before serving.
• Also, if you like, top the chilled parfaits with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkling of almonds and fresh mint.


Normally, we, at Stone Hill Inn, have a separate fruit course, fresh baked goods, yogurt and home-made granola as a starter for breakfast. We used this dish as a substitute for all of them!
The finished product…we didn’t bother with the whipped cream – it’s already plenty tasty!! (six servings):

Finished product -- six servings!

Finished product — six servings!

58th Annual Antique Car Show :: Celebrate in Stowe



You may recall my secret desires as a young lad as expressed in my blog about last year’s 57th Antique Car Show where I confessed a deep attraction towards a 1967 Corvette – a desire that, over the years, seem to give way to financial and emotional maturity, thus never fulfilled. Nonetheless, you have to admit this was a very cool car.

But long before reaching college where the Corvette picture hung on my wall, there was the 1952 Hudson Hornet. (Hudson who? Who knows?) A hand-me-down from grandparents who were no longer driving, this became our unexpected second car. This, it would turn out, would be the car I would use when taking my first driver’s test.
Driver’s tests were simple in those days – read the pamphlet, answer the questions – no problem. Eye exam was a waste of time for 16 year-old eyes, and driving a couple of blocks was….well, also a waste of time. However there was one element of the driver’s test that was a bit challenging. The parallel parking test. (Do they still have that?).

How do you parallel paAntiqueCarShow32015rk a 3,620 pound, 17.3 feet long, 6 ½ feet wide beast with no power steering? Carefully and with a lot of practice. I knew it would be the toughest part of the test. Despite sweaty palms and an accelerated heart rate, remarkably I passed. Immediately this tank-like vehicle became the taxi for four of us to attend all away basketball games for our high school team. (We won the state championship that year.)

But the Hornet had its peculiarities. About 30% of the time when you stopped at a stop light the car would unexpectedly die. And then it wouldn’t start, despite constant cranking. After several embarassing moments as captain of the Hornet taxi – losing some face with the lads – we diagnosed the problem. The engine wasn’t getting enough air. Thus, we became a veritable pit crew. The lads poured out of the car, one lifted and held the hood, another removed and remained at the ready with the canister on top of the carburetor that contained air filters which probably had become totally dirt, and a third held the butterfly valve in the carburetor 30% open and I cranked the engine again. Success! We could even do this in the time it took for the light to change. Impressive crew.

Such is the zeal with which I approach this 58th annual event in Stowe, VT!

The 58th Stowe Annual Antique Car Show is a perennial favorite in Stowe, Vermont. After 57 years, Stowe has gotten pretty good at capturing some of the most interesting Antique cars from all over the U.S. while making the show quite charming. After a restorative night’s sleep and healthy breakfast at Stone Hill Inn, which this May was among the first to ever be inducted into the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame for performance excellence, you are ready for a full day of Stowe and the Antique car show!

Over 800 antique & classic cars are on display flanked by food concessions, giant automotive Flea Market, and the Car Corral. Stowe, Vermont has hosted the Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts, Inc. Antique and Classic Car Meet for more than 50 years. It is one of the largest and oldest in New England and has become a cherished summer tradition in Stowe. The show will be located on Nichols Field, Route 100, South of Stowe Village. Be sure to book a stay with us at the Stone Hill Inn for your weekend!

Some of the events that take place are:

Automobile Judging
Vintage Fashion Judging
Flea Market & Car Corral
Automobile Parade Awards Ceremony
Street Dance Saturday night from 7 – 10p
(closed to traffic but the cars will be there!)